Family-tested solutions
for Special Needs

Toddler and mother playing together

Family-tested solutions
for Special Needs

Toddler and mother playing together

Downloadable Resources for Families with Special Needs


Service providers in health, education, and insurance systems often speak using their own shorthand, acronyms, and complicated language. If you don't know what those things mean, it's easy to feel left behind.
If you need a basic glossary, to get you started, check out an excerpted Glossary from our Road Map Series Guides here.


Your medical files may include abbreviations used by health care professionals to describe orders for blood work, lab tests, or directions on prescription forms. Check out our quick reference sheet for some common medical abbreviations here.


Budgeting can be difficult and stressful. Plus, there are so many ways to create one. Before you create a budget, sometimes it is helpful to have an idea of your overall financial picture. To help you organize your information, try using one of our supplemental activities to help see your financial picture. Check it out Here.


Every time you see a new health care provider, you are asked to fill out a lengthy questionnaire requesting your medical information, as well as the medical history of your blood relatives.

We advise families to request these forms in advance - that way, you have plenty of time to answer the questions completely and accurately. It is also helpful to have your own version, so you can transfer the information easily. Check out a sample health history form excerpted from our Road Map Series here.


Keeping a log of what medications you are taking, the dosage, prescribing physician, date started, and other details is very important. Especially if you see more than one provider using different computer systems.

Plus, it can be helpful to reference old logs during future appointments. Information is power, and you should not rely on provider offices to be the sole curator and archivist of YOUR information. To help you keep track of your medications, check out our Road Map Series excerpted worksheet  here.