Family-tested solutions
for Special Needs

Toddler and mother playing together

Family-tested solutions
for Special Needs

Toddler and mother playing together

We know finding services to meet your child's special needs can be frustrating. We’ve been there, too.  

As families of children and youth with conditions such as autism, ADHD, learning disorders, behavior challenges, and other health needs, we know how it feels to think "Where do I even START?

Start Here  ->Get There!

Get There Project shares the simple, effective techniques that have worked for us in thousands of IEP meetings, doctor visits, and insurance customer service calls. Our step-by-step Guiding Star method helps family caregivers think strategically about finding services and support.

From Our Founder:
Families Know What Families Need

We call our strategies "family-tested" because real families use these methods to find help.  We envision a world in which all of us can navigate easily to the services and support we need most.

--Wendy Besmann, author of Get There Project's step-by-step Guides Family Road Map and Young Adult Road Map

Find Your Training Path

Get There Project’s publications, interactive e-learning courses, and professional training programs are designed to serve family caregivers, young adults in transition (and their families), educators, case managers, peer support staff, counselors, therapists, and social workers.

What do YOU need most?

I need a road map to better services for my child. 

I need families to work effectively with us in IEP meetings.

I need families to help us carry out treatment and service plans.

I need to help a young adult make the transition to independent life.

TiLT is dedicated to helping parents raising differently-wired kids do so from a place of confidence, connection, and joy.

Check out Wendy's appearance on TiLT Parenting Podcast!


  • How Wendy’s experience raising her own differently wired child inspired her to create the Get There Project
  • The five steps in the Guiding Star “road map”—a tool for strategic thinking about how to work through problems
  • Why knowing what you need in any situation or interaction with an organization or system is critical
  • How parents can understand their “role” in meetings and appointments, and why it’s important
  • Strategies for applying the five steps to any challenging situations happening with your differently wired child in relation to schools, therapies, insurance companies, and more

About Get There Project

Get There Project is a partnership between Team Up for Families, a family-driven, non-profit training, research, and advocacy organization, and educational publisher Melton Hill Media. Our shared mission: Create learning experiences that help families, young adults and others who experience complicated life problems to find appropriate services and support. We envision a world in which people can access the services and support they need most.

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